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    Cinetech UK have over 40 years of experience operating, upgrading and repairing all types of film cleaning equipment, across every manufacturer and solvent type.


    Following the recent bankruptcy of RTI, the dominant film cleaner manufacturer, there have been considerable issues obtaining spare parts and service support for existing RTI film cleaners in the marketplace.


    Following numerous client requests, and a pre-order for 3 units, the team of Cinetech engineers embarked on the design and manufacture of a film cleaner that has revolutionary and never seen before features.


    Our cleaner utilises a film cleaning solvent that is, in our opinion, the most suitable choice for cleaning performance and cost efficiency, now and into the future.


     No special installation team required. Our machine has been designed with intuitive and straightforward interface, it is a pure plug-and-play machine with factory support for commissioning via video call if required.


    Utilising Isopar® G solvent, which has a cleaning performance rated as ‘excellent’ as opposed to HFE that is rated as ‘adequate’, isopropyl alcohol that is flammable, absorbs water and can dry film excessively, and perchloroethylene that is a known ODP, greenhouse gas and carcinogen.


    Please see below table from Kodak for more details.

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    • Compact and elegant table top design
    • Soft touch capstan drive (no sprockets)
    • 8, 16, 35mm film gauges with optional 65/70mm as a special order
    • 100 ft per minute running speed
    • 2100 ft roll capacity
    • Full digital control, operated via a colour touchscreen. Full data logging, remote diagnostics and software updates if required
    • Non-immersion cleaning system utilising soft nap Dacron buffers for solvent application (2) and film drying (4)
    • 12 PTR’s (particle transfer rollers) of our own design and manufacture
    • Solvent transfer roller speed adjustable via touch screen
    • Solvent applicator buffer roller speed adjustable via touch screen
    • Drying buffer speed adjustable via touch screen
    • Film tension adjustable via touchscreen
    • Film buffer film contact distance adjustable via touchscreen
    • All direct stepper drive, no drive belts
    • Intelligent software constantly monitors reel sizes, motor speed, and torque using predictive models to ensure a consistent and uniform film winding
    • No need for laser or external reel measuring sensors
    • Automatic safety feature that stops the machine immediately in the event of a film break or any other irregularity 
    • Very low power consumption. Single-phase power, multi region capable. 225W/240VA, 2.2A@110V, 1A@240V
    • Cleaning costs $0.10-$0.20 per 2000 ft reel depending on film dirt level


    Here you can download the datasheet and the user manual for the cleaner:


    BSF Hydra Clean Datasheet.pdf


    BSF Hydra Clean User Manual.pdf

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